Picking a Club Team


When picking a club team there are a lot of variables in deciding, which club team will fit your son.   In this article by Dom Starsia who is 5 time NCAA Division 1 National Champion and holds the record for most wins in Division 1 history he reinforces multiple sport athletes along with picking a club team that will benefit the growth of your child through proper teaching and fundamental lacrosse.

From The Article

517135“Now, one club or another might expose you to more and bigger tournaments, but a candidate can also disappear in those settings. If we have reason to think your son is good enough, all we really need to know is where and when he will be playing. We will do the rest. It doesn’t matter whose fancy club jersey you may be wearing. Play well, stand out amongst your peers and, as Daniel Day Lewis exclaimed in “Last of the Mohicans,” we will find you!”

“Identify a club team with a reputable coach, someone who will conduct some practices and coach your son in a reasonable manner. A club coach with no professional training and no accountability to a high school or NCAA organization need not be screaming at your son every moment.”

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Terry Reilly

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