About Jersey Thunder “CANES” Elite

You might ask yourself why would I want to send my son to Jersey Thunder “CANES” Lacrosse????

530735I always receive that question a lot from parents asking what can Jersey Thunder do for my son.  What we can do as high school coaches is to give your son the best experience of competitive high school lacrosse at a very reasonable price, while ensuring that we give them the best opportunity to learn and succeed in lacrosse.  I had a vision when I created Jersey Thunder “CANES” Lacrosse and it was to take high school coaches from around the area who had invested interests in making their players better athletes and better people.  Jersey Thunder wants to give every player a chance to play summer lacrosse that is why are prices are cheaper then most of the other competition.  Our main goal is to take pride and ownership of our programs and other programs growing in the area. To many times elite club teams are so concerned with marketing a name or a college recruit for the sake of making substantial profit that we forget about all of the players on the team.  Yes, this is a business, but a business that would like to see programs grow.  I have had the pleasure to see how my players at Morris Knolls High School have benefited from playing in the summer and I would like to reach out to other programs to help that vision come true.


What I can guarantee is your son learning the sport of lacrosse and improving himself as a lacrosse player, while we nurture his love for the game.  We can help him through the college recruiting process and guide him in the right direction.  I can guarantee we will be honest with him and forth right.  We are a family here at Jersey Thunder Lacrosse and we watch out for one another.  I was lucky enough to have coaches in my life who influenced my love for the game.  Hopefully we can do the same for you. #homegrown


Thank You

Terry Reilly

Jersey Thunder Lacrosse

CANES Director